• General Weather Info
  • National Weather Service
    NWS Graphical Forecasts
    Univ. of Wisconsin CIMSS - Satellite Shots
    Climate Prediction Center
    RAP NCAR - Excellent weather model, satellite, and radar site
    Independent Weather
    Plymouth State Weather Center
    Wyoming Weather Web
    FSU text data utility
    Glossary of Meteorology
    IWIN - Warning information list
    NOAA Storm Tracker
    Raw GOES Imagery
    Significant Event Imagery
    Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
    World Meteorological Organization
    Storm 2k
    NWS Aviation Weather
    Conversions and Calculators
    NOAA ARL world weather tool
    NRL Satellite Products
    Global disaster map

  • General Model Information
  • Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting
    National Center for Environmental Prediction - Model Charts
    One-Stop Model Output Statistics - Text Models
    Unisys Weather
    BUFKIT - Excellent model display program
    Substitute for BUFKIT
    FSU GFS confidence - Experiemental Confidence Forecasts for the Global Forecast System
    GFS ensembles and anomalies
    Canadian and UK forecast models
    Canadian model ensemble forecasts
    PSU Eyewall
    CDC Ensemble products
    SUNY Stony Brook MM5
    GEM Global Fields
    GEM Regional Fields
    GEM Ensembles
    Canadian Wave Model

  • Tropical
  • National Hurricane Center
    Central Pacific Hurricane Center
    Canadian Hurricane Centre
    Joint Typhoon Warning Center
    UHawaii World-wide Tropical Cyclones
    NRL Tropical Cyclone Forecasters' Reference Guide
    UWisc ADT Estimates - Satellite Intensity Estimates
    Naval Research Lab Satellite Images
    FNMOC Satellite Data Tropical Cyclone Page
    FSU MM5 Model
    FSU Tropical Models
    South Florida Water Management District Weather Page
    Colorado State Tropical Guidance
    Tropical Storm Names
    TSR storm tracker
    Saffir-Simpson Scale
    About Tropical Models
    Kerry Emanuel's tropical cyclone model page
    Eyewall Wind Profiles
    Hurricane Hunter Recon
    Cyclone Surface Wind Analysis
    Cyclone phase evolution
    Skeetobite Weather
    Millenium Weather tropial forecast discussion
    Canadian Hurricane Centre
    NOAA Coastal Service Center historical hurricane tracks
    Coastal evacuation zones
    Hurricane climatology
    Monthly tropical cyclone genesis regions
    NRL ATCF server
    NRL Graphics Index

  • Ocean Data
  • Tropical Cycle Heat Potential
    Sea Surface Temperature (SST) imagery
    NOAA Data Buoy Center
    Sea Height Anomaly and Current data
    CU SSH and SST data

  • Winter
  • Interactive Snow Cover info
    Current northern hemisphere snow cover
    Precipitation type forecast
    observed US snow depth
    Canadian surface and snow depth charts

  • Foreign Weather
  • Environment Canada
    International radar list
    Aruba radar
    Jamaican weather
    Martinique radar
    Cuban weather
    Mexican weather
    Barbados storm tracker
    Venezuela radar
    Venezuela lightning radar
    Bermuda radar
    Panama weather
    Bahamas weather
    Australia radar

  • Severe
  • Storm Prediction Center
    Storm Chaser Forums
    Lightning Strike Map
    NEXRAD Tool

  • Other Recommended Link Lists
  • Current Observations
    Climate Information
    Hydrology and River Info
    Marine Forecasts and Info
    Recent NOAA and model products
    Recent Radar and Satellite info
    List of nation-wide weather cams
    Tropical system information
    Univ. of Michigan's ultimate weather link list

  • Commercial Sites
  • Weather Underground
    The Weather Channel
    Weather Online UK - International Forecasts

  • Blogs
  • Brendan Loy
    Steve Gregory
    Jeff Masters
    Matt Newman
    Ed Oswald
    WX Nation
    Real Climate

  • Photos
  • Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Stormgasm.com Gallery
    Chase Day
    Alan Detrich's chase page
    Example of atmospheric optics
    Australian severe weather
    NSW Storms
    Martin Kucera's Page
    Storm Effects.com
    Dave Crowley
    StangeDangers Gallery
    Extreme Instability

  • Tropical Data
  • Tropical Weather Outlook - Atlantic
    Tropical Weather Discussion - Atlantic

    Tropical Weather Outlook - E Pacific
    Tropical Weather Discussion - E Pacific

    AT1 - Stats - Advisory - Discussion

    AT2 - Stats - Advisory - Discussion

    AT3 - Stats - Advisory - Discussion

    AT4 - Stats - Advisory - Discussion

    AT5 - Stats - Advisory - Discussion

    AAL022007 Charts

    AEP012007 Charts

    AEP022007 Charts

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