Carlos has just begun his hard, long slog towards his Ph.D in Climate Dynamics at Yale University. Future research projects will include working on Air/Sea Coupled General Circulation Models (GCMs) as well as the impact of "global dimming" on climate model parameterization. He attended the University of Massachusetts/Lowell where he received his degree in Atmospheric Science and is currently a 2006 American Meteorological Society fellow.

Carlos hails originally from New Orleans and has only recently returned (with a heavy-heart) after seeing the destruction to his hometown. He has travelled extensively including a summer residency in Paris, France and an Arctic research expedition to Svalbard, Norway to investigate glacial melt in relation to changing meteorological conditions. (By the way, running from a polar bear will always remain seared in his memory). Still he admits that "bagging" two tornadoes in the summer of 2004 remains a highlight of his still fresh meteorological career.

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