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Invest 98L dies down as expected

The tropical wave that recently moved off the coast of Africa has died down and failed to develop, just as I predicted yesterday. I know that some of you were getting a bit excited at the prospect of tracking another system, but it is rare to see development this close to Africa. Convection is all but gone from Invest 98L at this time. However, we will continue to monitor the system for any signs of development, however unlikely they may be. The circulation remains relatively healthy for an Africa wave, but conditions are not favorable for convective development. The window has basically passed on this system as it is now encountering increasingly cooler waters.

Invest 98L - Infrared satellite imagery

There are no other signs of development in the Atlantic at this time. We are still about a month or so away from the peak of the season so there is likely plenty of 'excitement' to come.

Bryan Woods

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