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Two Depressions Eight and Nine form... one in the Atlantic, one near Texas

12:45pm CDT Update:Tropical Depression Nine has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Humberto with 45 mph winds. Otherwise the forecast remains unchanged.

Humberto - Infrared satellite

Previous Discussion:
You can tell its peak season in the tropics because we just had two tropical depression form in the Atlantic this morning! The first depression, numbered TD Eight, is well out in the tropical Atlantic and is not an immediate threat to land. However, as we have seen this season these systems can eventually reach land.

TD Eight - Infrared satellite

At this point a general westward track with continued intensification are expected. It is too early to give a much more definitive forecast at this point, but I'll be happy to put my neck on the line later when I see a bit better defined circulation.

TD Eight- Track Forecast

TD Eight - Wind Speed Forecast

Currently there are no watches or warning associated with TD Eight, but keep checking back for updates.

TD Eight - Watches and Warnings

The other new system we are watching is Tropical Depression Nine. Satellite and radar imagery suggests that TD Nine is getting its act together and may already be a tropical storm. A hurricane hunter is en route to investigate TD Nine, and I suspect we may see the system upgraded to a tropical storm when it arrives. Buoy observations are already suggesting tropical storm force winds at this time.

TD Nine is moving slowly north and is expected to make landfall near Galveston, Texas tonight a small and weak tropical storm. With that said, this system will bring additional unwanted rain to the area.

TD Nine- Track Forecast

TD Nine - Wind Speed Forecast

Tropical Storm Warnings are already up for the northern Texas and Western Louisiana border. This late warning potential has been a topic of discussion amongst tropical storm forecasters in recent days, and today will likely liven up that debate.

TD Nine - Watches and Warnings

Check back for updates and we'll keep the charts (including model forecasts) coming on our charts page.

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