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Tropical Storm Ingrid forms, going downhill

Last night Tropical Depression Eight was able to strengthen into Tropical Storm Ingrid and is now being listed with 45 mph winds recently measured by a hurricane hunter. However, it seems unlikely that this intensity will last. A recent fix placed the center of Ingrid under the area of deep convection, some some strengthening is possible though unlikely.

Tropical Storm Ingrid - Infrared satellite

At this point a general west-northwestward track with likely dissipation is expected. Steady weakening is forecast to begin later today as Ingrid enters into a more highly sheared environment. It seems unlikely that Ingrid will live much into next week as heavy shear can be a kiss of death to a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Ingrid - Track Forecast

Tropical Storm Ingrid - Wind Speed Forecast

Currently there are no watches or warning associated with Ingrid and none are expected. Ingrid does not seem to be a threat to land and will likely fizzle this weekend.

TD Eight - Watches and Warnings

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