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Special Tropical(?) Disturbance

I thought it would be best to keep everyone up to date with what is (not) happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Some groups have been trying to get people excited (and afraid) this week of a low pressure system that has been drifting around Florida. I really am not a fan of that "A" weather company located in Pennsylvania (who I'll refer to as In-AccuWeather), but I do feel the need to address their irresponsible forecast.

From those guys:
The low pressure that this morning moved across Florida into Gulf of Mexico is expected to develop into a tropical depression later today. The storm will intensify before striking the Gulf Coast as early as Saturday.

Is everyone afraid yet?!!?!?! Ahem, excuse me... 'concerned?'

Today the hurricane center dispatched a hurricane hunter aircraft to investigate a low pressure system in the eastern Gulf. I suspect that this decision has as much to do with boredom (both at NHC and the Hurricane Hunters) as actual concern. They aircraft found no sign of tropical or subtropical development (I'm shocked...) bur did get to go play with the airplane. Today NHC issued a Special Tropical Disturbance Statement for a system that it fully admitted showed no signs of tropical development. Anyhow, this system could develop over the next day or two, but I am not getting excited. At best, this system should become a tropical storm, so don't start evacuating New Orleans just yet.

"Special Tropical Disturbance" in the Gulf

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