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Katrina renews calls for change in rebuilding rules -

I just wanted to point everyone to an article that I read in USA Today as I was sitting in the hotel lobby at my conference. The article focuses on Dauphin Island along the central Gulf Coast and asks the question "Should people be allowed to rebuild in high-risk coastal areas?" For those that are wondering, I personally am strongly opposed to Federally subsidized flood insurance as I feel that it is just a government handout to wealthy people looking to build vacation homes. I welcome discussion of the issue, but think that unfortunately most politicians don't want to touch the issue due to a risk of offending voters... especially the wealthy one who donate to campaigns.

In other news... well, there isn't a whole lot of activity in the Atlantic of Eastern Pacific right now. I'm patiently waiting for some more action and will keep you updated. For those of you want can't get enough model charts, we have now opened our chart archive to the public.

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