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Flossie looks to graze Hawaii, TD Four maintaining strength in Atlantic

Hurricane Flossie is showing amazing fortitude as she is hanging on to strength in the Central Pacific. Currently Flossie is listed with sustained winds of 120 mph. The Air Force has actually deployed two hurricane hunters to Hawaii on a special mission to track Flossie, so we know the government is taking the threat seriously.

Given the current forecast it looks as if Flossie will be nearly missing Hawaii, but will do so at hurricane strength. Given the close proximity of Flossie, a Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch are in effect for all of the Big Island.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Depression Four is showing little change in strength or intensity. TD Four is still tracking toward the Caribbean and interests in the area should continue to monitor the storm for changes in strength. The models are mostly convergent on a gently recurving track over 5 days, but our confidence is low in this forecast.

TD Four is widely expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it progresses westward across the Atlantic. While it is far too early to guess where the storm will go and how strong it will be, we will continuously monitor the system and bring you updates as they become available.

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