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Dean On the Cusp of Category Five... Still

Well, earlier today I said that Dean was almost a Category Five storm. Dean continues to almost be a Category Five storm with no reported change in windspeed by the National Hurricane Center. As of the 5pm EDT advisory Hurricane Dean is rated at 150 mph and central pressure has fallen to 918mb. This pressure is definitely low enough to support a Category Five 'cane, but internal changes to the storm seem to be keeping him from passing that artificial 155+mph barrier.

Model Guidance

Everything that I can see indicates that Dean will increase to Category Five before landfall which will devastate the landfall area. NHC anticipates that Dean will remain a hurricane even after passing over the Yucatan and will re-strengthen into a major (Category Three or above) hurricane before making final landfall on Old Mexico.

Dean is a very nice looking storm, with a well-defined eye. The double-eyewall is gone and you can see the stadium eye very well in this following satellite shot:

Visible Satellite

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