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Proenza reassigned within NHC

From CNN:

National Hurricane Center director Bill Proenza has left his position, CNN has learned. Sources say Proenza is still employed with the center, but the nature of his new position is unclear.

Deputy Director Ed Rappaport has been temporarily placed in charge.

Proenza, 62, became the director in January after the retirement of Max Mayfield.

His staffers issued a petition for his ouster last week and on Friday Proenza told CNN he had contacted his superiors in Washington about "ways to move forward," but added, "I am not going to resign."

The petition said the center's "effective functioning" is at stake as the Atlantic hurricane season heads toward its peak.

"An unfortunate public debate is now occurring over the ability of the National Hurricane Center to meet its mission," said the petition, which was released Thursday.

"The undersigned staff ... has concluded that the center needs a new director, and with the heart of the hurricane season fast approaching, urges the Department of Commerce to make this happen as quickly as possible."

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