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Atlantic Special Tropical Disturbance

4:30pm Update:

Model charts are now online for the Special Tropical Disturbance. We'll be bringing online sea surface charts and other material throughout the next two days. Remember: Hurricane Season 2007 officially starts at midnight!

At 11:50am EDT, the National Hurricane Center issued a Special Tropical Disturbance Statement for a system in the western Caribbean that is forecast to slowly move toward the Gulf of Mexico. At this time the system is showing no signs of tropical development and is generally unexciting to me. (I was much more worked up over the precursor to Andrea.) However, others in the tropical meteorology community have been talking about long-term forecasts for this storm since May 14. If this system does develop it would be a huge victory for long-term forecasting.

Below is the latest infrared shot of the system:

We will have model charts forthcoming soon.

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