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Andrea the undead? Subtropical storm making a comeback.

Last night at 11:00pm, the National Hurricane Center discontinued advisories on Subtropical Depression Andrea. At that time is looked like Andrea was done and likely to just spin itself out. However, this morning is showing a different picture. A renewed burst of convection near the center of circulation is raising the possibility that Andrea could return from the dead... and more tropical than before!

Visible satellite image of Andrea (courtesy of NRL)

Infrared satellite image of Andrea (courtesy of NRL)

While only a hundred miles or so off the Florida coast, Andrea is likely to remain over the warmest section of the Gulf Stream at least for another day. Water temperatures in this area are near 80 degrees F so Andrea is encountering warm water now than at any point before. It seems possible that we could be witnessing a recovery of Andrea in the coming hours. Check back for more details as we will be monitoring the situation throughout the day.

Sea Surface Temperatures off the Florida coast

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