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Shameless plug because I was amused

I got a tip today from one of the Fox Charlotte weathercasters about a new promo that they made. I will admit that it amused me so I am giving them a shameless plug. At the very least, this should keep people entertained until we get some more interesting weather to cover. Things have been a little dull lately, unless of course you live in the West Pacific. Just click the play button below and away you will go in the Wonderful World of Weather. (Note: Quicktime may be required.)

I did notice that Fox Charlotte has a .tv domain name. I wonder how they feel about global warming....

The irony in that statement is that the .tv domain name is actually associated with the tiny Pacific island country of Tuvalu. That country sold its domain names to television groups as a way to create $50 million USD revenue for the small nation. How is that ironic you ask? The highest point in the Tuvalu island chain is only 16 feet above sea level. With the progression of global warming and rising sea levels, the low-lying Tuvalu has been observed to be steadily sinking below the waves. I had to share something intelligent today.

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