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Today The Boston Globe Magazine ran a funny article about the current state of weather coverage in the media. Many of you probably read our tag lines including "In case you forgot, you're still afraid" and Sensationalism has a new home," but how many people stop to think about them? Here is today's article about just that topic.

By Charles P. Pierce, The Boston Globe Magazine:

Dear Weatherpersons:

Just a note to let you know that I don't really care about what's happening in the Canary Islands. I send this to you because it seems that the newspeople and the sportspeople already understand it. If they elect a new sewer commissioner in Tenerife, Jack Williams does not find it necessary to give me the precinct results, and if the Fightin' Canaries manage to defeat the Outer Hebrides in the most recent cricket test, whatever youthful android is doing the sports on Channel 7 that day doesn't show me highlights. Ah, but let the barometric pressure drop there, and you people here in Boston are all over that sucker faster than you can say "cyclonic formation," which you will get around to saying, with ominous regularity, for the ensuing week, as Christina Hager pops on her Channel 4 baseball cap and stakes out her spot under the Chatham lighthouse and the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore hits town and finds himself a beach to stand on.

I realize that "Hurricane Season" is now a ratings winner for the ongoing reality series we used to call "local news." But, heavens to hygrometers, can't you all at least wait until the storm manages to reach our common hemisphere before sounding the alert? Even if it has a name, it has a name in the middle of the Atlantic, which is a fairly big ocean, and yet you feel compelled to send the rest of us off to the strip mall for Twinkies, bottled water, and plywood. Until a storm manages to get to, say, North Carolina, please realize that the most significant "tropical depression" in my life has to do with the fact that I am not currently on a beach in St. Thomas.

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