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More action in the Atlantic

It looks like the tropical season in the Atlantic is finally starting to pick up, and right on time, too. Tropical Storm Debby seems to be holding steady in the southeast Atlantic with sustained winds of 45 mph. Convection within the storm remains consistent and well organized, but indicates only slow strengthening interrupted by weak shear. Debby is no threat to land so I have been diverting my attention to the rest of the Atlantic.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, a tropical wave is approaching the windward islands at about 20 mph. Convection has been becoming much more centralized and better organized throughout the day today. This 'area of interest' seems to be very close to becoming a tropical depression. While it is difficult to see whether or not a closed circulation has formed, this system should be a much bigger news maker than Debby in the coming days. The proximity of the disturbance to land, steering currents pointing towards the United States, warm surface water, and high humidity in this area make it ripe for the first hurricane to threaten the USA this season.

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