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Do you do the dew?

I have come across an interesting point of order to me. Do you find the dewpoint useful in weather reports? Do you know what it is or what it means? Do you care at all? I want to know, so vote in our poll!

From the Houston Chron.:

Channel 2 News has introduced the greatest breakthrough in weather forecasting in the past 50 years. They've stopped giving the dew point. Over the weekend, I bowled in a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Houston. Weatherman Frank Billingsley was on the next lane.

In the fifth frame, he leaned over the ball return and said, "You got your wish. We don't give the dew point any more."

I don't know what the dew point means. How it's calculated. Why it's important. Or how it affects anything in anybody's life.

And yet, the weatherman always says, "The dew point is 78 degrees."


I also have no use for tide reports, either. The high tide will be 1:12 a.m. But I understand that boaters and fishermen may need this information.

The dew point is absolutely worthless information, though.

I've come to grips with wet grass in the morning. I just stay on the sidewalk when I walk the dog.

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