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Update on TD-2

It looks like TD-2 will remain a Tropical Depression on the upcoming advisory. The surface adjusted winds from the Air Force Reconnaissance plane show maximum velocities of about 30 knots, still just short of tropical storm status. Granted, I don't have access to all the data NHC does, but I can't see how they can possibly upgrade at this point. The UW-CIMSS Dvorak number (see previous post) is also just below tropical storm force. That said, TD-2 is still getting better organized. The latest satellite picture shows a better presentation than we have seen yet. I suspect by tomorrow afternoon, we will have Tropical Storm Beryl. Stay tuned to the StormTrack for updates.

Adam Update: Of course, since I made that post, NHC has upgraded TD-2 to Tropical Storm Beryl. I guess that's why I'm in grad school and they're the forecasters...

Figure 1. Infrared satellite picture of Tropical Depression Two. The banding of the tropical depression has been getting moreorganized today, a sign that the depression is strengthening.

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