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Weather blamed for slow economy

From the Associated Press:

WETHERSFIELD, Conn. --Inclement weather in May led to employment losses in Connecticut as tourists avoided sightseeing and construction declined, the state Department of Labor reported Thursday.

Employment fell by 5,300 between April and May, to 1.66 million.

The unemployment rate was 4 percent in May, up from 3.9 percent in April. Nationally, the unemployment rate in May was 4.6 percent.

"With cloudy, cool conditions and record precipitation during May, the construction and leisure and hospitality industry sectors in May showed significant losses in jobs when seasonally adjusted," state labor economist John Tirinzonie said. "Landscaping and retail building and garden supply stores seem to also feel the effects of a cooler and wetter than normal May."

Jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry were down 1,200, professional and business services declined by 1,000 and trade, transportation and utilities fell by 800.

Uh huh.... right. The weather...

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