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Rumble Anyone?

Here’s a fight that Don King could make some cash from when he’s not promoting the latest Mike Tyson brawl—the global warming debate that’s heating up amidst Al Gore’s new movie “An Inconvenient Truth.? Gore’s movie, which was released on 24 May of this year holds the position that “If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced.? While scientific evidence has yet to show that the Grim Reaper is knocking on our door and that we better gather one of every animal, it’s clear that there have been some significant and detrimental changes in our global climate from long-term records.

In a CNN report today, Al Gore and Dr. William Gray indirectly duke it out by providing their views on global warming. Dr. Gray, whose research is primarily in the area of tropical meteorology and climate variability associated with Hurricanes, claims that global warming has been “largely manufactured? by some in the scientific community. He also states that he was slighted by agencies for his position on global warming. These are very interesting comments from a member of the scientific community who is at the end of his career and does not specialize in climate dynamics or a related area.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is one of many organizations looking to discredit global warming and Al Gore’s new documentary in the name of economics. Here is a link to the videos they have produced.

CNN also reports that a scientific panel set up by the Bush Administration stated that the earth’s climate is warming because of the burning of fossil fuels. Will this finally encourage the Bush Administration to increase scientific funding in the United States and to develop a plan against carbon dioxide induced global warming? Probably not.

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