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Welcome to Seattle, CT!

If you live in the Northeast and love dreary, cloudy, murky weather, then you're in luck. For the forseeable future, the Northeast will be expecting below average temperatures and some much needed rainfall. The low pressure system that is causing the muck today is in the process of getting cutoff from the jet stream (what makes the system move). Once the low gets cutoff from the jet stream, there is nowhere for it to go. So it is just going to sit over the Ohio Valley for at least the next week.


Figure 1. The initial 500mb heights from the GFS from 12Z (8am EST) May 11. The cool colors indicate low heights, meaning cooler temperatures and stormy weather.

The 2.5 day and 5 day forecasts for 500mb heights don't look much different than today, either. By 6.5 days out, another storm system moving down from Canada will merge with the cutoff low. The result? Drab weather for the next 10 days, according to the GFS model, at least. How much are plane tickets to Denver?

Figure 2. Infrared satellite shot of the large upper-level low over the Midwest.

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