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I love fear mongering....

From the Associated Press:

NEW YORK --The Big Easy and the Big Apple are so far apart -- geographically, culturally, economically -- that as New Yorkers watched the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina unfold, most simply assumed their city could never fall prey to such a calamity.

They were wrong.

New York City, Long Island and the New England coast have all been pounded by ferocious hurricanes in years past -- and as the 2006 season shapes up meteorologists are concerned that the Northeast is ripe for a storm that could rival Katrina, at least in terms of property damage.

"I'll be surprised if over the next five years a major hurricane doesn't hit the northeastern United States," said Joe Bastardi, an expert senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, a commercial forecaster based in State College, Pa.

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Joe Bastardi has been continuing his shameless campaign of fear mongering in anticipation of this year's hurricane season. Why? Because he seems to love attention. Look at all the free press Accuweather has been getting! In reality, the Northeast is hit by a hurricane about once every ten years and by a major hurricane about once per century.

'In case you forgot, you're still afraid.' -

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