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Aletta remains stationary

There is not too much new to say about Aletta but I thought that I should give an update. Aletta right now is a weak tropical storm with maximum sustained winds estimated at 45 mph and a minimum central pressure estimated at 1002 mb. Aletta has been generally drifting towards the north, and its general motion is expected to keep it off-shore. However, Aletta is not expected to change significantly in strength and does not pose a serious threat at this time.

Track map

Both the infrared and visible satellite images are showing one area of deep convection with some moderately well defined banding features. However, the superb upper-level structure that was evident yesterday is greatly diminished.

Infrared satellite

Visible satellite

Often with tropical storms impacting Latin America, we often are worried about heavy rains sparking inland flooding and mud slides. However, a quick check of the radar from Acapulco is showing little in terms of heavy rain.

Acapulco radar

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