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Hello from Colorado

As I mentioned last week, I am on a field project for most of the month of March that is studying atmospheric turbulence in the wake of mountains. Today is my last full day at the Research Aviation Facility (RAF) of the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Broomfield, CO. Tomorrow I fly out to California to deploy a radar and video equipment and join the ground campaign. In my time in Colorado I was able to fly on the only research mission that went up this week as part of the project. Below I have attached some of the photos from the flight.

43600179 (Custom).JPG
The Gulfstream V aircraft we used.

43600032 (Custom).JPG
The instrument rack that I was responsible for.

43600014 (Custom).JPG
View from the cockpit during take-off.

43600019 (Custom).JPG
View of the plane from my seat.

43600018 (Custom).JPG
Rocky Mountains as we flew over.

43600074 (Custom).JPG
Aha! We have reached the target area and there is turbulence in the valley.

43600022 (Custom).JPG
Other crew members prepare to release dropsondes over the valley.

43600164 (Custom).JPG
After nearly 10 hours in the air, it felt good to be back on the ground.

43600163 (Custom).JPG
The hangar did look impressive at night.

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