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Glenda threatens Australia

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Crikey! I disappear for 48 hours and look what happens! I am finally back from my field project and discover a Category 5 cyclone barreling towards Australia. The cool water off the coast that protected Learmonth from Floyd should actually again protect it from a full hit from Glenda. The city is likely to experience a strong cyclone landfall, but not the devestating impacts of a category 5 cyclone.

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Infrared satellite shows a very impressive system with a small and tight eye. This storm is very ominous for those in the area, but enjoy the view now. Cooler water ahead is likely to weaken the cyclone and this is likely to be Glenda's peak.

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Microwave imagery depicts a strong eyewall. However, solid banding is starting to close up and should choke the eyewall soon and begin an eyewall replacement cycle.

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