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Glenda targeting Barrow Island

Glenda remains a Category 3 cyclone and is continuing her trek towards Australia. The latest guidance suggests that Glenda may be making a slight jog to the west of her previous track and is now expected to pass near Barrow Island.

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Satellite imagery suggests that Glenda's eye has filled in. Clearly the cyclone no longer posses her previous well-defined structure. However, convection near her core remains very strong. Such a change in structure is consistent with the increasingly cool water underneath the cyclone.

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While Glenda is looking less organized, satellite based intensity estimates have yet to indicate significant weaking. Glenda remains a major cyclone of category 3 intensity. Considering the cooler water below, it is notable that no major change in the intensity of convection has occured.

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So far on land things remain relatively calm. Port Hedland seems to have dodged this cyclone's main impacts but is currently experiencing thunderstorms from Glenda's outer bands.


Further down the coast, Barrow Island is standing directly in the path of the major cyclone. Thus far only light thunderstorms in the outer bands of Glenda have yet to reach the island. The radar from Dampier is showing an ominous lull in the echoes where Glenda lurks out at sea.


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