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Floyd still on track to hit Australia

Cyclone Floyd continues to look very well organized and it on track to punish western Australia. The city of Learmonth is square in Floyd's sights although the error in the track forecast remains high.

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Visibile satellite imagery shows a compact yet potent cyclone. Upper level outflow is slightly concealing the inner core yet Floyd remains strong with winds of 90 kts in the eyewall. Cyclone (hurricane) force winds extend out 20 nautical miles from the center of the storm.

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Adding microwave imagery enhancement over the visible shot reveals a very strong eyewall with no sign of weakening.

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It is worth noting that the tropical tradewinds in this area induce cold water upwelling off the west coast of Australia. This cold water off the coast should lead to a steady weakening of Floyd before any landfall. Such a weakening trend as Floyd approached the coast is clearly evident in the models.



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