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Cyclone Glenda bearing down on Australia

Cyclone Glenda is continuing her steady march towards the Australian coast. Glenda's current sustained winds are near 120 knots and she is forecast to pass between Port Hedland and Barrow Island today.

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The latest visible imagery indicates that Glenda is weaker than before. As she passes over the cooler waters just off the coast, Glenda is expected to continue to weaken. The cyclone should make landfall later today with sustained winds near 100 mph. However, Glenda's current central pressure of 922 mb is characteristic of a much stronger cyclone than her current satellite depiction and sustained winds would indicate.

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Regardless of Glenda's surprisingly weak winds and increasingly ragged appearance, she still posses the potential to kill. It is important to realize that the most deadly part of most tropical cyclones in inland flooding caused by heavy rains, especially over higher terrain. Glenda, like all tropical systems, posses extremely heavy rain. Satellite imagery indicates that Glenda's core contains a substantial area of heavy rain in excess of 1.5 inches per hour.

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