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Snow cripples... Algeria?

Apparently Algeria (yeah, as in northern Africa) has been buried under two feet of snow. Snow in Algeria?

From the Associated Foreign Press:

Algeria - Heavy snow has cut off villages and clogged key arteries leading away from the Algerian capital Algiers for several days, national police said on Sunday.

Djelfa, which had 70cm, was "totally paralysed", the Algerian Press Agency reported.

At least 60cm of snow blanketed villages near Djelfa and Medea, respectively 270km and 80km south of Algiers.

An AFP reporter said only donkeys and mules could ply the roads around the villages.

Snow is unusual in the north African country, but last winter saw snowfalls of more than two metres in several parts of the north-east.

The main roads remained dangerous even after they were cleared, authorities warned.

The weather improved on Sunday but more snow was expected overnight at altitudes of over 700m, and rain elsewhere.

Melted snow caused flooding in the north-eastern Kabylie region where a 25-year-old man was swept away in a torrent, residents said.

Meanwhile state television showed images of sandstorms in the desert south of the vast country where roads were also cut off.

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