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Intense Weather Affects Much of the Lower 48

With the New Year commencing just a couple of days ago, it seems as if the weather has made a grim Near Year’s resolution for the United States. Interestingly enough, it was only two weeks ago there was so little going on in the United States weather-wise that we had to go abroad to find weather to write about!

First, we begin in the west where intense rainstorms have created mudslides and flooding for California. In Northern California, most notably in wine country, the intense rains a couple of days ago caused rivers to rise well above their flood stage and significant mudslides that prompted many people to evacuate affected areas. Today, precipitation will not be as intense in central and northern California, but precipitation is forecast to continue, albeit lightly, for the next couple of days.

In Southern California, a strong Pacific Storm is sweeping through the area , which has provided record daily rainfalls of 3 to 5 inches (yes, that is very significant for a day’s rain anywhere). And for a popular culture tidbit...The Tournament of Roses Parade has experienced rainy conditions for the first time since 1955. Unfortunately, since the Rose Bowl is the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship game and will be played on January 4, the game will be played under ideal conditions. How wonderful would it be for that game to be played in slop ala Colts vs. Patriots games of years past?

With the heavy rain in the West, it’s only fitting that we have Red Flag Warnings, which herald fire danger, across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. High pressure with a dry air mass has dominated for some time over this region and will continue to do so for at least the next week. Temperatures are forecast to vary between the mid 70s and mid 40s with dry air and moderate winds that could spread fires if they are created. Folks out there need to take the necessary precautions during this critical time.

Low pressure currently over Illinois will create stormy weather over the Eastern United States. Severe weather will occur over Alabama, Georgia, and Florida while heavy rain will be felt north of these areas toward the Northeast. Into the Northeast, a moderate winter storm is expected with snowfalls of near 1 foot through Wednesday afternoon in portions of New England.

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