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Cindy was a hurricane at landfall

Cindy, the third named storm of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, has just been posthumously upgraded to a hurricane at landfall. After preparing the typical post storm reports, forecasters from the National Hurricane Center found that the WSR-88D (Weather Service Radar 1988 Doppler) in Slidell, LA (KLIX) had recorded hurricane force winds at landfall.


Cindy washed ashore in southeast Lousiana on July 5 along almost the exact same path as Hurricane Katrina. Even at its weaker strength, Cindy still causedd an estimated $160 million insurance losses. This report brings the total number of hurricanes last year to 15, shattering the previous record of 12 set in 1969. Such reports are standard issue for the weather service. Hurricane Katrina was downgraded in her post-report to show only a category 3 hurricane at landfall while Wilma was upgraded (although only by 5 mph and her category did not change). A decade after he hit, Hurricane Andrew was upgraded to a minimal category 5 hurricane at landfall.

Read the full report from the National Hurricane Center.

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