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A warm winter means trouble along Lake Champlain

While dozens of people may be freezing to death in Moscow, winter has been hard to find in the eastern United States. In Moscow record cold is continuing to kill the homeless and others as the death toll is now up to 107 and across Europe 100 people died this weekend alone. The cold temperatures are pushing energy consumption to near record levels while mechanical problems have left thousands with out heat.

Lake Champlain, a long body of water along the northern New York - Vermont border, is showing clear signs of this warming. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, the level of the lake is rising due to both melting snow pack surrounding the lake and input of water from rainfall. The lake is approaching flood stage (a record at this time of year) and the lake ice which is typically solid at this time of year has broken up to the point that some ice fishing shanties are falling into the lake. The warm weather continues to threaten a traditional February ice fishing tournament.

The warm weather is providing relief and beautiful weather for the Canadian election. However, snow is falling in the Boston area and temporarily closed Logan Airport.

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