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The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004

*** Warning: Contains graphic content ***
It was exactly on year ago today, December 26, 2004, that the devastating Boxing Day tsunami slammed into the Indian Ocean basin. The tsunami was triggered by a massive earthquake of a magnitude of about 9.2. The earthquake and tsunami killed an estimated 225,000 people from Indonesia to Somalia.

0:Tsunami Wave Heights
Tsunami Wave Heights

To put this in perspective, the tsunami was detected clear across the globe and the Earth rang like a bell clear into March when a second earthquake in the same area washed out its ring. Today we remember those lost in this great disaster and hope that it never happens again. At least new time it looks as if many in the Indian Ocean basin will be prepared. Below we have included several resources including video, pictures, and explanations of the tsunami.


Video (11.5 MB) of a Tsunami hitting Phuket Beach, Thailand ( / English translation)

Video (421 KB) on what a tsunami actually is. (KFTY)

Video (3.4 MB) Wow. (KATC)

Video (1.6 MB) from Thailand

Video (783 KB) from Penang, Malaysia

Video (7.6 MB) from Sri Lanka.

Video (10 MB) from Patong Beach, Thailand. English translation of the audio.

Video (1.4 MB) Low quality, but scary... from Tafmil nadu India, the voice/s in the video is speaking Malayalam, in which he says a 'house has just gone under', a language spoken by people from Kerala India

Video (6.2 MB) "The most amazing tsunami video I've seen" -Wizbang

Video (6.2 MB) Amazing video, maybe the best of the bunch at giving you the impact of the wave.

Video (1.3 MB) From Kenya, fishing boats being tossed around like toys in the water.

Video (2.6 MB) From an unknown location, filmed by a British tourist.

Video - From the beach on Racha Yai island - a small island about 30 minutes by boat from Phuket, Thailand. The hosting for the above video is been provided by The Washington Post and the Media Bloggers Association - Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative

Video and Article: Dramatic new pictures have emerged from Banda Aceh. (From KATC)

Video and Article: Banda Aceh, the churning torrent of dark brown water picked up huge objects, including cars and minivans, as it engulfed a busy street and had people clamouring madly to get out of harm's way. (From Pulse24 - Toronto)

A NOAA animation of the path of the tsunami.

Tsunami Memorial Video by Chris Valentine (49.8MB)


1:Tourists running for their lives

2:Photo by David Rydevik of Ao Nang, Thailand
Photo by David Rydevik of Stockholm, Sweden in Ao Nang, Thailand

3:Photo from Hellmut Issel
Photo by Hellmut Issel

4:Photo of Ruumita
Photo of Ruumita

A very nice project at NYTimes about the Tsunami and it's effects. (Thanks PunditGuy)

Other resources:

Wikipedia has a great set of articles on tsunamis in general and the Christmas 2004 tsunami/earthquake in particular.

A country-by-country breakdown of deaths from CNN.

What does 225,000 look like?

CNN Special Report- Tsunami, One Year Later

Channel News Asia- Tsunami Disaster: One Year On

How you can help:

After disasters of this magnitude people are often left wondering how they can help. Unfortunately disasters like this emerge on far too regular a basis. Here at StormTrack, we encourage you to foward your donations to the American Red Cross. There are many people at home and abroad who continue to suffer from disasters, both small and large.

If you wish to donate specifically to the tsunami relief, Google maintains a list of reputable relief agencies.

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