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Record Winter in Japan

The Japan Meteorological Agency is reporting that much of Japan has received record cold and snow as of late. While the most treacherous weather was confined to western and northern mountainous portions of the country, areas such as Tokyo at an eastern coastal location dropped to -1 degree Celsius (30 degrees Fahrenheit), the coldest December temperature in 10 years.

The most impressive snowfall total was observed in north-central Japan at Aomori Prefecture receiving 2.29 meters (90 inches) by Monday morning. Record snowfall was observed at 35 locations across Japan’s four main islands. The forecast for the next couple of days calls for continued cold and snow.


Heavy snow over Japan created treacherous conditions that disrupted transportation services throughout the country including trains, airplanes, and automobiles.

Fortunately, much of the United States is under the influence of tranquil weather with seasonal temperatures across much of the country.

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