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Hurricane Epsilon losing strength

As of the 10AM EST Public Advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Epsilon is listed as a Category One hurricane with sustained winds of 75 mph and a central pressure of 987 mb.

Hurricane Epsilon is barely maintainuing an eye and no longer has a strong ring of convection. Beyond that, outflow has maintained and the storm is clearly sucking is plenty of cold air.

Cooler sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and an increasingly hostile environment should have caused Epsilon to weaken by now. Especially considering the cool water below Epsilon, the hurricane was expected to transition to an extratropical storm. However, there are no signs of that transition occurring. Instead Epsilon is moving back towards warmer water but also encountering more heavy shear which seems to be ripping the hurricane apart.
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1:Visible Satellite
2:Infrared Satellite
3:Model forecast track and SSTs
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