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Yale - Harvard football game forecast

I know many of you Ivy faithfuls are planning to head out to The Game tomorrow in New Haven. I certainly will be there. For those of you are planning on attending, here is my forecast.

At kick-off:

Temperature: 44
Dewpoint: 22
Scattered Clouds
Winds from the southwest at 7 knots

Interestingly enough, the NAM and GFS models are handling the synoptic situation very differently. The GFS is calling for a finger of high pressure in the northeast.


However, the NAM is calling for a closed area of high pressure right over the Mid-Atlantic.


Accordingly, this could make a huge difference for the winds. I am siding with the NAM which is forecasting a light but steady SW wind.

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The GFS is forecasting highly variable winds which could complicate the game.

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