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Warm fall saving energy

It turns out that the warm fall that we have seen across the country is saving some farmers thousands of dollars in energy costs. I thought the warm September weather was beautiful. Come January I bet we'll think the global warming isn't such a bad idea.

From the AP:

Brad Gardels, like so many other farmers in the region, is bracing for this winter's high energy costs.

But this south central Nebraska farmer may have a cushion -- between $10,000 and $20,000 worth.

That's because this fall's warm, dry conditions have allowed Gardels and his two brothers, who raise about 1,500 acres each of soybeans and corn near Wilcox, to dry much of their crops naturally rather than use natural gas-powered dryers.

"The weather has been a blessing," Gardels said. "Anytime we could save a dime here, that's what we're looking for."

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As a side note, I am sorry for not getting anything else out today. It was a very busy day and I am now in Massachusetts for a weather conference this week. By the end of the weekend look for my official winter outlook (and likely a flurry of other interesting things).

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