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Tropical Depression 27 slowly strengthening

Tropical Depression 27 is continuing to show a broad area of deep convection, despite encountering relatively heavy shear.

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The latest Dvorak intensity estimate from the University of Wisconsin are continuing to show TD 27 steadily but slowly strengthening, now up to 47 kts.


If this proves to be true, TD 27 will be named Gamma later today. NHC itself has noted this fact, but claims to be waiting for more convective organization before naming the storm. TD 27's organization is looking fairly poor, but it is maintaining very strong convection. It appears that the central pressure is low enough and the winds are strong enough for tropical storm status. However, NHC is waiting for a more well defined circulation to name the storm. TD 27 is lacking any good upper-level outflow and banding features.


TD 27 is forecast to slowly continue off towards the west and cross the Caribbean. Right now temperatures in the Caribbean are plenty warm enough to support a hurricane, so don't look for oceanic heat to play a limiting factor.

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