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Incredible severe outbreak across much of the country

I am very, very sorry to all of you in the center of the country. Today I had my eyes glued on the tropics and missed an absolutely incredible severe weather situation breaking out over the interior US. At the time of my writing this post, there are currently six active tornado watches, over 100 tornado warnings issues today (19 of which are currently active), and reports of about 25 separate tornadoes today. A line of tornadic weather is stretching from Detroit to Houston. This situation is phenomenal. Check here for a full list of warnings. A number of these watches are listed as PDS watches, standing for a Particularly Dangerous Situation. These are in essence Super Tornado Watches.

This about sums up the feelings of many people in the South:

As badly as Alabama needs rain, Dinah Moore couldn't help but worry about storms moving toward the state on Tuesday.

Moore's hometown of Galliano, La., was bashed by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, so now she lives in a tent pitched in a pine thicket at a state park on the southern outskirts of Birmingham.

As the National Weather Service warned of the potential for a night a heavy rain and possible tornadoes, Moore stood in the drizzle laying out her survival plan:

"If it blows away my tent, I'll get in the truck. If it blows away my truck, I'll go over there," she said, pointing toward a little stone building at the center of the campground.

Yet some people will never learn.

Evacuee Joyce Delahoussaye of Slidell, La., was ready for colder weather, and she wasn't worried about winds blowing away her camper, which was tied down with metal straps on each corner. The trees around her campsite were a different matter, however.

"You always worrying about the trees falling down," she said.

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