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1,400 lb meteorite found in Kansas

Wow. The third largest meteorite ever found was just dug up in Kansas. I'd love to know what type of damage this bad boy would leave behind. Personally I suspect that we are talking about a nuclear bomb sized blast. Can anyone shed some light on this for us? I was debating not posting this one, but I thought back to one of our tag lines. 'The sky is falling. We'll tell you how.'

From the AP:

GREENSBURG, Kan. - In an area of southwest Kansas long known for its meteorite finds, Steve Arnold came up with what may be the biggest of its kind ever found in the United States.

Arnold, a professional meteorite hunter from Kingston, Ark., found the 1,400-pound space rock two weeks ago in Kiowa County's Brenham Township. Using a metal detector mounted on a three-wheel vehicle, he discovered it more than 7 feet underground and dug it up.

It was in the same area that in 1949 produced a 1,000-pound meteorite now on display at the Celestial Museum in Greensburg, part of the World's Largest Hand Dug Well that is the community's biggest claim to fame.

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