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Wilma set to become major hurricane

The latest recon from Wilma is reporting a central pressure of 970 mb with sustained winds of 80 mph. Wilma has continued a very steady strengthening and looks like she is about to bomb out (strengthen very rapidly). The visible satellite is showing a distinct eye that is about to clear out. Very shortly Wilma should be a beautful hurricane.

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for eastern Honduras and a Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warning remain in effect for the Cayman Islands. Hurricane Watches have also just been poste for western Cuba and the Yucatan. Wilma clearly has here sights on passing near the Yucatan Gap and heading directly at Southern Florida. By the time Wilma reaches Cuba, she will likely be a major hurricane. Those of you with interests in Cuba and the Yucatan should prepare for an approaching Category 4 hurricane.

Those of you in Southern Florida should begin planning now. Please be prepared for a hurricane landfall as early as Saturday. However, before Wilma reaches Florida, Cuba and possibly the Yucatan could take a thrashing.


Continued strengthening is expected as Wilma continues to move over warm water and wind shear should remain low. Now that Wilma has developed an eye, very rapid intensification is possible. The only thing that looks to oppose strengthening, is some dry air ahead of the storm.


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