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TS Vince? Portugal? What?

Updated at 1:00pm by Bryan Woods:
The weather never fails to surprise me. At first I thought somebody at NHC came to work a little hungover today.

A tropical storm... by Portugal? I'm sorry, this usually doesn't happen. At firs I though NHC was just playing the alphabet game and giving the benefit of the doubt to anything that rotates. Look at this location.


I put this track map up merely for giggles. The BAMM takes Vince to London and the LBAR makes a nice loop over Spain. I thought it was funny.

The NHC Discussion notes "THIS SYSTEM IS SITUATED OVER SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES OF 23-24 CELSIUS". This is not really warm enough to support tropical development at all, if you look the sea surface temp and tropical cyclone heat potential images, you can see the dark areas where Vince is, indicating a complete lack of 'hurricane fuel' and a light blue water temp which should inhibit any further development. NHC forecasts the storm to die within 36 hours and probably bring some rain to the Iberian Peninsula.

However, yeah, there is always more. Check out the latest satellite image. The storm is very symetric, and has an eye. What the hell is that? It looks like a compact mini-hurricane. Wow, just wow.


I'm going to do a little more digging around here and will get back to you when I have more.

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