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Tropical Storm Vince strikes Spain

Historical records show no sign of any tropical cyclone ever making landfall on the Iberian Peninsula. Well, have we got a treat for you! Vince made landfall over Spain today, becoming the first tropical cyclone ever to do so!


Vince has been downgraded to a tropical depression and is quickly dying, but there is still some rain and wind in Spain. I don't know enough about Spain to say if the rain is falling mainly upon the plain, but I can guess. To me it looks like the rain is in the mountains, but judge for yourself!


In Vince's "short and happy life" (thank you NHC), he formed over seeminlgy unbearably cold portions of the eastern Atlantic and tracked just to the south of Portugal before landfall. Vince has definitely been a learning experience for all of us. Never before had I imagined that a hurricane could form over such hostile seas and strike Europe.


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