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Otis weakens to tropical storm

Otis has continued to choke on dry air and has now weakened to a tropical storm with winds of 70 mph. All advisories have been adjusted to recognize this fact.

Notice at the obscure angle at which Otis is approaching the coast. This will serve to drag out the landfall and impact a much larger area with damaging wind, rain, and surf. However, I am seriously question how strong Otis will really be. As I showed last night, Otis was sucking in dry air from Mexico. Otis will likely only be a tropical storm at landfall, and should not be a big deal when he reaches the Southwest.

The radar image out of Los Cabos has also degraded to the point that the eyewall is no longer present. All that is visible is some heavy rain.

The model consensus continues to clearly brings Otis into the Southwest United States where he could cause some serious flooding. While it is too early to talk about those details now, please keep an eye on this situation. I am still unsure exactly how much of Otis will be left when he gets there, but I don't think there will be much.

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