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Longwang nails China, 59 soldiers swept off their feet

It seems that a new twist has overtaken the Pacific. After having his way with Taiwan, Typhoon Longwang slammed right into China.

While there, Longwang managed to wash away 59 soldiers and two buildings at a military training school. The soldiers were members of paramilitary force in charge of 'domestic security.' Does anyone know how to say Gestapo in Cantonese or Mandarin? At least three others were killed in China and a fourth in Taiwan. No, we are not part of Google Earth and do recognize Taiwan as an independent state. For those of you who are wondering, Longwang is a named submitted by China to the UN's WMO for the Pacific storm name list. Taiwan does not get any names.

China has been getting slammed this year and fell victim to three typhoons in September alone. At the typhoon's peak, it was a very impressive storm. It's a wonder that more people were not killed.

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