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Will Rita return?

I was just putting around today when I decided to check out Florida State's experimental MM5 model. What I saw there I am finding very hard to believe. How many of you would believe that in three days Rita may return to the Gulf of Mexico? Well, that's exactly what the MM5 is saying.

At first I dismissed this as one errant model until I looked around some more. The GFDL doesn't think this is quite as crazy as you might think. This is evident in the model image below, which is placing Rita off the coast of the Florida panhandle.

The UKMET, AVN, and NOGAPS look like it might just believe this solution too.

Will this actually happen? I don't know, but its not unheard of. Think "Crazy Ivan." Ok, to be fair this remains unlikely, but it's definitely an interesting idea. NHC seems to have no idea where Rita is headed, but this solution remains within their possible track area.

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