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What is "Bombing Out?"

I recently got a comment asking what it meant when a storm bombed out. Simply put, a storm "bombs out" when it intensifies very quickly. By this we mean when the central pressure drops, or the system deepens. Generally "bombing out" is defined as a steady pressure drop of 1 mb per hour. In the winter you will often see very strong winter storms appear in a previously clear areas when a cold air mass meets the Gulf Stream. In mid-latitudes, when a storm forms it is known a "cyclogenesis." A very rapid cyclogenesis is known as "bombogenesis."

For an explanation and example of bombogenesis as it pertains to winter storms, look here. In the most extreme cases, or when Walt Drag is on duty at the National Weather Service forecast office in Taunton, MA (KBOX), this can be known as "super-bombogenesis."

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