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Ophelia Indecisive, Carolina's Wary

Much like my mother's old Jeep Wrangler, Hurricane Ophelia has stalled. After drifting Northeastward for most of the day, Ophelia has stopped off the coast of North Carolina.

Forecast models have no real consensus here and we've really just got to wait and see if the storm can get her act together and actually do something other than just sit there.

Sea Surface Temps around Ophelia are quite cool so further strengthening is unlikely, but crazier things have happened this season.

NHC Discussion notes that it is too soon to lift the hurricane watch in effect on the Carolina coast, and hopefully we'll have a better idea of Ophelia's plans tomorrow. As you can see from the forecast map, it's still your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine time at the National Hurricane Center.

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