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New Tropical Storm Max to marry Lidia

Yes, its true. Max and Lidia are getting married. Of course, as always, the new system will maintain the man's name. Ok, not always. Are you confused yet?

In the Pacific we are observing a very interesting development. Lidia was not able to grow fast enough before a new tropical storm, Max, sprung up right next to her. As a result the outflow from Max is suppressing Lidia's convection and choking her out. In the process Max is strengthening and is forecast to absorb Lidia into his general circulation within 24 hours. The result will basically be Max sucking up Lidia and combining energy to make one storm. I guess in my sick mind I felt like making a marriage joke to go along with this. The new storm is forecast to strengthen slightly, but just generally move along for a few days without making any big news.


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