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Army Corps of Engineers attempting to seal canals

Many of you may recall that the levee breaches from Katrina were actually along the drainage canals in New Orleans. The Army Corp of Engineers has plugges the 17th St Canal and London St Canal. Nothing has been done to stop the new breach. Up until now, the Army Corps have resisted sealing off the canals at the lake because they wanted to use the canals to drain the city. The impact of Hurricane Rita seems to have changed their minds.

With the new breaches taking place along the canals, the Corps has decided that the danger presented by new storm surge into the canals is too great, and they have begun to seal them off. This should prevent storm surge and the lake from flowing through the canals and reflooding the entire city. However, it is not known what else could go wrong and what impact the heavy rain will have.

Extensive flooding has already recovered much of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. Very heavy rains are expected to compound this problem, but at least the ocean may be held at bay.

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